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Don’t worry it doesn’t have apps like Teams or Zoom

Ever since the pandemic started, most of us are stuck working or studying from home for several months in a row. While working from home has advantages like no commute time and more time with family, it also has its fair share of negative aspects if not appropriately planned.


macOS Big Sur, and now the latest version of macOS Monterey, is filled with several features and functionality. …

Customization is not one of the strong suits of macOS, and most people just leave their Macs looking the same boring way they were when they first purchased them.

However, if you dig deep enough, you can find a few customization options and tricks that could be used to change…

Safari is a pretty fantastic browser by default for your Mac without making any tweaks. It is built with a focus on privacy, and it has some valuable features like preventing cross-site tracking and hiding IP addresses from trackers.

However, if you bring some browser extensions into the equation, then…

Utilize your iPhone to the fullest with these apps!


Cleanfox is a great utility app that you must have on your iPhone if your email inbox is filled with many spam emails and unwanted newsletters that you never got around to unsubscribing or deleting.

All you need to do is…

Not all side hustles are risky or time-consuming

We all have heard several success stories about different people trying out some side hustle and raking in thousands of dollars every month and thought to ourselves, hey, even I know how to do that. …

Gaming on a Mac has always been very basic compared to its Windows counterpart. While there are a few AAA games you can play on a Mac; the collection is nowhere close to what you can play on a Windows PC.

The only way you could try to play a…

Apple Maps in iOS 15 is supposed to be better at providing more accurate expected ETAs based on predicted traffic conditions. However, I get your point that it might not be as good as Waze because of the smaller user base.

Hopefully, Apple will develop a solution in future updates to make the Maps app display real-time information as precisely as possible.

Is it time to say goodbye to Google Maps?

I use Google Maps for all my navigation needs even though I have an iPhone; Apple Maps is the default Maps app. I am sure that most iPhone users do the same because Google Maps is more advanced and feature-rich than any other navigation apps out there.

According to recent…

Increase your Mac’s capabilities with these apps


It is a well-known fact that frequently charging your Mac’s battery or any Li-ion battery for that matter and leaving it connected to the charger all the time will have a significant negative impact on the battery’s lifespan.

So, using a smart charging manager app like Aldente will help you…

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